Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Which Country Has The Fastest Internet?



Korea has the fastest internet in the world. No surprises there. It comes in with a whopping average download speed of 17.62 Mbps or if you can't count in bits, it is roughly 2.2 MBps.

I think what is possibly more embarrassing is the fact that Malaysia, with all the boasting about its first-world infrastructure and Multimedia Corridor and whatnot, it comes in with a paltry 179 KBps. It is lower than Singapore (335 KBps), obviously. But it is also slower than Thailand (268 KBps), Vietnam (374 KBps), and even the Philippines (213 KBps). So what's this self-denial (more like self-bluffing) that we have good infrastructure and that people want to invest in Malaysia? Malaysia has complacency and poor attitude to go with its slow internet. The only consolation (as always, we are able to find consolations) is that we are better than Indonesia (129 KBps).