Sunday, September 04, 2011

Volume 3 Issue 36: Intelligent Investing

An Ode to Chess

Once every year, I like to participate in the Merdeka Chess Rapid tournament. When I was much younger, I went to these tournaments playing for a prize. With expectations come pressure, joy, and inevitably disappointments. However, looking back, these were probably among the best times of my life. It wasn't just chess and the people, but I felt that it was events like these that built my character and in some way made me who I am today.

As time goes by, the expectations for these events kind of grow smaller. I have become rusty (some people call it complacent), and I no longer play with the same drive and motivation as I did half a lifetime ago. But, I can't say I have less fun. Below is a game from the tournament. Despite the numerous mistakes that I made throughout the game, I am still satisfied due to the neat ending.

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