Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Malaysians react like dicks to BN and pussies to PR

Some of you may remember that I linked Zewt before. Here he is again with his epicly accurate portrayals:
As Zewt As It Gets: Malaysians react like dicks to BN and pussies to PR: "It doesn’t matter how much BN has screwed up the country, but just some sweeteners… hmmm, steam already. Take the recent agreement to form some committee to review the electoral process… wah, check out the reaction in facebook… all dicks got hard. I even saw a comment saying BN has finally woken up and will reform. No need to know the details, just one announcement is enough to make you steam. See now what entailed out of it…
It doesn’t matter whether they spent MYR1.8b in a facebook page or wasted MYR12b+ in PKFZ or going to spend MYR5b on a mega structure (is this still going on?) or blew the budget in building the palace and a whole fucking long list of fucked-ups. Just announced that there will be no toll during Hari Raya… steam! Everyone happy…"