Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Breaching 10,000

Just a few hours ago, the number of page views of this newsletter had just breached 10,000. This is by no means a great achievement, but it is a milestone nonetheless. For over two and a half years of writing, on and off initially, 10,000 views seems like a really small number. The first post was published on 26 July 2009 and now, 863 days or 72 months later, the Main Streeter (the current name of this newsletter) has garnered slightly over 10,000 page views. This meant that on average, there were about 11.6 views per day or 139.0 views per month. On the surface, this kind of average seems appalling and would be in most circumstances a sure sign of telling me that this is the best time to quit. 

Being the optimist that I am, I try to look on the bright side. Here is a better picture of what the statistics look like:

I like to see that as an upward trend. The dip you see in December is only because it is only the 6th of the month, so the cumulative volume is still rather low for the month. What I am trying to take away from this is that the trend is an increasing one. It appears to have flattened out somewhat, but this means that I have to work harder to provide articles of better quality. I will make that my primary goal in 2012 as the Main Streeter looks set to make another major change.

While major changes can seem startling at times, but the Main Streeter is an ever-evolving entity. What this means is that it will never stop growing and changing. I recently changed the layout of the page and I am currently working on improving the quality of the content, among several other major projects, for the Main Streeter. Stay tuned for a great year ahead!

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