Thursday, May 19, 2011

Age-Old Scholarship Problems AGAIN

When we read this, some of us will react in resignation, saying, "What's new? We have heard this a million times." Like I said in the previous post, I don't like to write with emotion, but one can't help but feel angry when one reads this article about how top scoring students were overlooked in scholarship awards... again.

You don't like it when I'm angry

Here are some extracts:

One of the students facing this problem is Chan Shu Ren from SMK Chung Ching in Raub, who obtained 11A+ in the SPM examination.

Shu Ren, who was present at the press conference with her father Chan Ah Kau, was offered an open scholarship for the government matriculation programme.

“I have friends from the same school who only obtained 8A+ and 9A+ but received PSD scholarships to study in countries like France and India,” Shu Ren said.

Students Lo Chia Hwee from SMK St Teresa, who obtained 10A+, said it was disheartening when she was only offered an open scholarship.

She had worked hard hoping to get a scholarship to study medicine overseas.

Another student, Chai Sheng Min from SMK St Joseph in Kuching, who also obtained 10A+, said he only got a scholarship to study engineering at Universiti Teknologi Petronas while his friends who got 4A+ and 5A+ were awarded scholarships to do Pure Science in the United States.

The ridiculousness of the matter has been out of hand for a long time. I am sure the reason that the government officials are going to release will have something to do with, the students are not judged based solely on academic results or something to that extent. Its same ol' same ol' while here we are, worrying about the brain drain. 

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