Monday, May 30, 2011

Volume 3 Issue 21: Intelligent Investing

The One Sen Man

Just a week or so ago, when I read this, I almost fell from my chair. The government is thinking about bringing the one sen back?

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin proposed that the coin be reintroduced to reduce the expenses of the public.
There have been complaints that some retailers purposedly priced their goods at figures such as RM1.98 or RM1.99 for the items to be rounded up to RM2.
Perhaps Tune Hotel is trying to cheat us?

I really don't know where he gets his complaints from. There have also been complaints about corruption, but are you doing anything about it?  I can't imagine how people are complaining about a 1 sen difference from RM2, which is actually 0.5% difference. I'd hate to carry a one sen coin. I will insist on not carrying it. In fact, if I do have to carry it ever again, I am going to collect enough to buy a car with it. And document the whole process just to show how long it will take, proving the insignificance of one sen.

In fact, anyone with half a brain can tell you that if the retailer prices his goods at RM1.98, then you just buy TWO of those goods, making the total RM3.96, which will be rounded DOWN to RM3.95. And you gain one sen!!!!! That's how you beat the retailer no? If the good is priced at RM1.99, even better. Then you should buy THREE, giving you a total of RM5.97, which would be rounded DOWN to RM5.95, a TWO SEN GAIN!!!!! That has got to be huge!!!!

Muhyiddin, please use your brain. The reason the goods are price at RM1.99 are because the retailers are being kind. They are offering an RM2.00 item a 5 sen discount when you purchase five of those items. It's a reward system for buying in bulk, not a penalty system for buying small quantities. Isn't that business?

Wow, you should really spend more time improving the education system. But I guess we all know the real reason why the one sen coin is probably making a comeback. Seigniorage anyone?

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