Monday, August 03, 2009

The Lean and Mean Machine Pte Ltd

So as promised, I am bringing you the projected cashflow and paid-up capital of my new company.

I have chosen to startup with a nice and easy round number, RM8000 for my paid-up capital with RM1 per share (RM6000 cash and RM2000 in Unit Trust).

As of today, I still have outstanding payables:

House rent: RM330
Electricity Bill: RM 55
Internet Bill: RM 55

Total: RM440

I also have receivables of RM2300 which is my monthly revenue. RM2300 is just the portion of my monthly salary that I choose to pay to my company for its services. The company functions as my financial advisor and wealth manager.

I am also currently invested in a unit trust. I purchased 7586.53 units at the cost of RM2000.

I will provide a proper balance sheet at the end of this month. I am just giving a brief preview of what I have for the time being. Here is the highlight of the day, my cashflow projection:

Revenue: RM2300

House rent: RM330
Electric Bill: RMRM65
Internet Bill: RM55
Handphone Bill: RM55 (RM50 postpaid plan + tax)
Food: RM640 (RM160 per week)
Fuel: RM120
Parking: RM120
Car Instalment: RM300
Miscellaneous: RM200

Total Expenditure: RM1985

Expected Profits: RM415

That seems like very little profits for now. My net profit margin (profit divided by revenue) is about 18%, which isn't too bad. However, I will provide a much more detailed financial statements either at the end of each month or quarter. Furthermore, I will try my best to produce a weekly estimated cashflow statement.

Hopefully this project will be able to encourage further cost saving measures as well as other revenue seeking prospects. I will explain my income and expenditure as they change if necessary. It is vital that I maintain integrity and transparency for this project. Hopefully it will bear fruit at some point.

Once again, the goal of The Lean and Mean Machine is to maximize profits through cost minimization.


  1. Hey Shihong, how you doing!
    Kai Sheng here, drop me an email k

  2. There's also an "unrecorded" revenue. EPF from your employer. Thus, your Revenue should be higher, and that amount is "automatically" falls to your bottom-line.

  3. Eh... I didn't say I was paying my company with my EPF money. I am merely stating RM2300 as my payment for the services of my "fund manager".