Monday, April 18, 2011

What We Pay Them For

The headline of this story is on something completely irrelevant to what I would like to bring up. In the last few paragraphs is something that I had initially laughed at, but when it sank in, I can't help but feel angry and frustrated.

Here's the paragraph:

Meanwhile, an analysis on the computers seized from six MACC officers revealed that MACC officer Raymond Nion had also been downloading pornography on the Internet between midnight and 1.20am while Teoh was being interrogated and having his statement recorded by a colleague on July 16.

One can only wonder why he is still at the office past midnight and surfing porn no less. It must be because the Streamyx at his home is unstable. But can we really blame him? Ibrahim Ali begs to differ. Ibrahim Ali would probably say that it was because Raymond's wife was not pleasing him at home, which completely explains why Raymond was surfing porn at the office.

On another note, I have paid all my taxes since I started working, which means that I actually paid for Raymond to surf porn. This is an outrage!

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