Saturday, October 06, 2012

Remembering Steve Jobs

I suppose it would only be appropriate to say something about Steve Jobs on the first anniversary of his passing. People who know me know that I have tremendous respect for Steve, even though I have almost no respect for Apple. While Apple was Steve's brainchild, I simply cannot agree with the underlying principles upon which Apple products are built. 

Nonetheless, this post is not about Apple. It is about Steve. I have written on several occassions about Steve and the impact he has had upon my life. Last year, I shared an article about what Steve's contributions were and I concluded that he wasn't really much of an inventor. But Steve was someone who knew what mattered in the things he did.

That is why I found it appropriate to share this video on the lessons that Guy Kawasaki has learnt from Steve Jobs. While many of the lessons are aimed at entrepreneurs simply because Guy Kawasaki is a venture capitalist, I think that some of them apply in our everyday lives as well. The video is 47 minutes long, but who among us have not wasted 47 minutes on watching less valuable pieces of crap?

P/S: Also, just found this video, which was pretty short, but it reflects what I think is the most important fundamental approach to life, which has always been aptly portrayed by Nike in their slogan, "Just Do It".