Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What You Can and Can't Eat in School

The government now decides what schoolchildren can and can't eat. Anyone else feels like we live in an increasingly dictator-led country? What's next?

Albeit the rationale is to promote healthy living, surely there is a better way. What makes Char Kuey Teow more healthy than burgers and sausages? Why not limit "canteen subsidies" to vendors who provide "healthy options", like less salt, sugar, etc.?

When is the government going to learn that quotas and restrictions only lead to "black market" activities as long as demand exceeds supply. Children who want to eat nuggets will still find a way to eat nuggets. The only way to pull them away from this is to put in place an incentive system for healthy food i.e. make them cheaper. As mentioned, this can be done through subsidizing only healthy food in school.

I am curious what the results would be from this quota/restriction system.

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