Saturday, October 08, 2011

What Was Steve Jobs' Contribution?

When you think about it, a lot of people give a lot of credit to Steve Jobs for the things that he "invented". But when I ask, what did Steve Jobs really invent? I think many of us would struggle to find an answer because he didn't invent anything tangible like the telephone, or the computer, or instant noodles, or the internet, or anything of that sort. He did not discover the cure to cancer, or invented the wheel, or discovered how to make fire.

So what did he really contribute? I read an interesting article by Stephen Fry, which shows more about things that I didn't know about Steve Jobs. So here is how Steve really contributed:

Henry Ford didn’t invent the motor car, Rockefeller didn’t discover how to crack crude oil into petrol, Disney didn’t invent animation, the Macdonald brothers didn’t invent the hamburger, Martin Luther King didn’t invent oratory, neither Jane Austen, Tolstoy nor Flaubert invented the novel and D. W. Griffith, the Warner Brothers, Irving Thalberg and Steven Spielberg didn’t invent film-making. Steve Jobs didn’t invent computers and he didn’t invent packet switching or the mouse. But he saw that there were no limits to the power that creative combinations of technology and design could accomplish.
HT: Stephen Fry

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