Monday, October 31, 2011

Even CNN Is A Sham

Here is why we all need to be nice to people from the media.

Just last week, CNN sparked a controversy regarding a supposed racial ignorance of the founder and former CEO of TechCrunch, Michael Arrington. Apparently, they had selectively aired footage of an interview with Arrington which portrayed him as a racist. Read more here.

This is exactly why having control of the media is so important. The media has great power and it can make or break you. Yet, when they are wrong, nothing much is ever going to happen to them. What has become of media reporting today is that they are selling news instead of reporting it. What is the difference? Well, reporting facts and doing investigative journalism is just too hard. It is probably just short of doing an analysts job.

It is simply easier to print (or publish) what people want to read. One of these must-reads are juicy controversies. The more controversial are your views, the more readers you will get. A quick browse through the statistics of The Main Streeter easily shows me which one of the posts are the most read and all evidence point towards that.

All this just shows that I should probably be more careful when I criticize some of the news portals and newspapers in Malaysia. In fact, at pixel time, it is regarded as the most popular post in recent weeks:

But then again, I am only a small fish in a really big ocean. They won't even bother with the trouble of discrediting me.

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