Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breaking 5,000

For many blogs, hitting 5,000 views is easy. For the Main Streeter, its humble beginnings began in July 2009 as Economics @ Home. The postings were irregular in Volume 1 but was maintained at a constant pace of one post per fortnight in Volume 2. This year, we began to increase the frequency of the posts to at least two posts per week, which is more than quadruple the frequency in the past year.

As you can see, as the frequency increased, the number of vists also rose exponentially, which can be said as some sort of an achievement. However, the stats counter began only in July 2010, and in the short period of about one year, the Main Streeter has amassed 5,000 page views. Again, this does not seem like a lot for a newsletter, but for people who have to juggle between work and writing for this non-profit newsletter, 5,000 hits in a year is decent.

The figure below shows the most popular posts so far. It is no surprise that my post on the 100-storey fiasco has the greatest number of views as it was posted during the peak of the controversy. I am pleased to see that the "Love is a Fallacy" post is catching up fast.

Again, no surprises that most of the visitors to the Main Streeter are from Malaysia. What is surprising though, is that we get a pretty diverse crowd. We get people from all over the world and people with all kinds of browsers and operating systems.

In short, the Main Streeter seems to have had a great run and the results appear to be satisfactory and will encourage us here to continue our diligence in making the Main Streeter a better newsletter.

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