Monday, June 06, 2011

Volume 3 Issue 23: Intelligent Investing

Goatzilla vs Traffic Jams

Today marks another step down the slippery slope in the Star's reporting standards.

Check out this traffic jam report in JB. The new bio-metric scanning junk forced people who were travelling from Singapore to JB to wait between ONE to FOUR hours at the checkpoint, and most of this is done STANDING. The queue began in Singapore and lasted all the way to the Tuas checkpoint.

What were the customs people thinking? How can they ever think it is OK for so much productive time to be wasted? If they did not foresee this, then it makes them look even more stupid.

The best part of this is, it is totally not reported in the Star at all. I think this is a major issue and warrants immediate attention. I guess the Star believes this story about a giant goat is more important

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