Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who Is Mr Market?

Here is some insight on how the stock market behaves and why we need to feel like we understand it:
Why are journalists covering the market allowed, day after day, to write vapid articles about the market? What is it about using language like this that makes us comforted? 
My guess is that people want there to be such a man, and moreover want him to be understandable and reasonable. 
It’s primarily a question of control – control over our lives, as if we can say, as long as we kind of get his (the market’s) sentiments, we can avoid catastrophic risks. Like in those human nature tests where 85% of people consider themselves better than average drivers, we feel that we understand the market and so we’re covered and safe. Even when there’s plenty of evidence that we don’t actually understand the risks, we continue the market myth out of this need to feel in control.

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