Thursday, November 03, 2011

Harvard Students To Walk Out Of Mankiw's Class?

The Occupy Movement has reached the classroom. Harvard students are planning a walk-out on Gregory Mankiw's class. Read here for the full story. Here is an excerpt:
Read the full email below: 
Feel upset about EC10 but don’t know how to show your discontent? 
Want to get involved in the Occupy Movement? 
Join our STUDENT WALK-OUT of EC10 on Wednesday, November 2nd at 12:15! 
Gregory Mankiw will be lecturing, and this a great opportunity to show discontent with the style/material/content of the class! 
We will be heading over to the higher ed march after the walk-out and anyone is welcome.
So help show solidarity with the Occupy movement by walking out of EC10 at EXACTLY 12:15.
This is later than the general walk-out, but we are making an exception because it is such a symbolic class/instructor. 
Let’s show Mankiw that his lack of teaching, extremely high textbook cost, and biased instruction matter to the students!
HT: Business Insider