Sunday, February 27, 2011

Volume 3 Issue 9: Two-Cent Economics

Past and Present - Did Time Stop?

This is one of those posts where I let the pictures do the talking. I will show you a series of pictures of cities and the years when those pictures were taken. For starters, this exercize shows us how fast and how much the world has changed and advanced in the past few decades.

Atlanta - 1961
Atlanta - Present Day
Brazil - 1970s 
Brazil - Present Day
Hong Kong - 1970s

Hong Kong - Present Day
Houston - 1960s
Houston - Present Day 
London - 1997
London - Present Day
Manhattan - 1931
Manhattan - Present Day
Melbourne - 1921
Melbourne - Present Day
Moscow - 1997
Moscow - Present Day
Seattle - 1970
Seattle - Present Day
Yokohama - 1978
Yokohama - Present Day

Tampa - 1956

Tampa - Present Day
Tokyo - 1945
Tokyo - Present Day
I suppose up until now, you would not have been too surprised by the changes that you see throughout the above countries. After all, most of them are developed countries anyway. You must be wondering when I am going to show you China by now. Well, you don't have to wait any longer. Below, you will not only see China, but some of the other emerging economies as well, such as Korea, Singapore, Indonesia etc. Beware, some of these photos may be shocking. 

Shanghai - 1990

Shanghai - Present Day
Chongqing - 1998
Chongqing - Present Day
Makati City, Philippines - 1980s
Makati City, Philippines - Present Day

Mexico City - 1950 

Mexico City - Present Day
Dubai - 1990

Dubai - Present Day

Jakarta - 1960s

Jakarta - Present Day
And this may be shocking to you, but the picture below is Seoul, Korea in 1961.

Seoul - 1961

Seoul - Present Day
And the next picture is from our neighbor, Singapore. By now, one must wonder what has become of Malaysia in the last few decades.

Singapore - 1974

Singapore - Present Day
I guess here is the big finale. Maybe not so big. If you look at the picture below, many of you should recognize what we know as Chulia Street in Penang. 

Chulia Street - 1960s
Chulia Street - Present Day

Comparing Chulia Street in 1960s with that of today, you would probably think that time stood still for Penang. In fact, the trishaw from the 1960s is still there in the picture of present day Chulia Street. Compare Penang's performance with those of all the countries above and we wonder how did Penang fall so far behind. Chulia Street has barely developed in the past 50 years. It is indeed a sad case for Penang and Malaysia. Well, in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh, I have one last comparison to share. Below are pictures of a city that has barely changed through time as well. 

Greece - 1860s
Greece - Present Day
Yes, you read it right. Apart from adding a few more buildings, the skyline of Greece has barely changed in the past 150 years. This is the story of a more or less bankrupt nation. The next question to ask is, are we trying to become like Greece?

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