Sunday, January 31, 2010

Economics @ Home © Volume 2 Issue 3

Methods of Madness - Part 3 (Final Part)

In the previous two parts of Methods of Madness, we discussed the main purpose behind Economics @ Home. We also mentioned that Economics @ Home is one of the parts of a grand scheme of things in my project towards sharing a greater good.

In this third and final instalment of Methods of Madness, we shall discuss the many simultaneous projects that are ongoing which are currently being managed by the Lean and Mean Machine. But first, let me first explain the choice of the name, the Lean and Mean Machine. As cliched as it sounds, the name is a constant reminder of the company's purpose of being. This is discussed in Volume 1 Issue 2 of Economics @ Home. To recap, the company is built on a minimalist approach. It aims to be the most profitable business by minimizing costs to a necessary level.

But how do we achieve the greater good by attempting to maximize profits? Isn't this a little contradictory? To answer this question, we must first understand the projects that are currently under the Lean and Mean Machine. First, I would like to stress that costs are minimized to the necessary level, which is to say, the money will be spent in all ways necessary to achieve the goals of the company, and that is to share the greater good.

So, the second function of the Lean and Mean Machine is to become a fund manager. Currently, without a license, it is illegal for the company to accept deposits to manage your funds for you. You may be disappointed to know that currently, the company does not fulfill all the requirements needed by the Securities Commission to become a fund manager. Nonetheless, I am collecting experience in managing the profits of the company with the goal of growing the currently meagre pool of funds via capital accumulation. There are two purposes for becoming a successful fund manager. First, the Lean and Mean Machine wishes to provide an equal opportunity for everyone to enhance the growth their wealth. Second, part of the proceeds of the investment gains will be used to fund the other projects of the Lean and Mean Machine.

The third function coincides with the third goal of Economics @ Home:

[3] to maximize the potential of everyone through the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

The Lean and Mean Machine aims to start a university, and more specifically, a university of life. While typical universities offers degrees for students in a specific field of study, the goal of this university of life is simply to maximize the potential of its students. The university will prioritize the cultivation of skills and experiences that will prepare them the best to face life's challenges. As the wise Benjamin Graham said, "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity". This is definitely a longer term plan but I am proud to announce that the baby steps are in place. In every institution of knowledge, one of key resources is without a doubt, knowledge itself.

A few months ago, I started a self-help library that contains books that are mainly targeted towards self improvement. I am currently accepting donations for all kinds of self-help books that you don't need and once I have a considerable collection, I will open the library for public consumption for a minimal fee to preserve the quality of the books in the library, and hopefully to add on to the growing collection.

So the start of the university is at its library, which is still yet to be named. If you feel the need to express some of that pent-up creativity, please do not hesitate in sharing some of your ideas. I am willing to consider all ideas seriously.

The fourth project, which is also at its infancy stage is the Inspirational Doses blog. It's address is The main purpose of the blog is for everyone to share inspirational experiences in hopes of guiding the hungry and the foolish among us towards greater heights. As the name suggests, the blog is meant to provide doses of inspiration. It is not meant to be frequented regularly because one simply can't be too inspired. Inspiration is meant to be taken in small doses when we feel down or lost or simply when we need to be jolted from a lack of motivation.

These four projects will form the backbone for the purpose of being of the Lean and Mean Machine. Some may consider the greater good as ideals that are placed above the clouds but a wise person once told me that if we aim for the stars, perhaps one day, we might end up among the clouds. In many ways, the goals of this company are probably a dream of a madman. Nonetheless, even madmen have methods. It is my wish to see you among the clouds.

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