Monday, December 14, 2009

Economics @ Home © Volume 1 Issue 16

Methods of Madness - Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about the first role of the Lean and Mean Machine, which is to publish a newsletter that serves as a public resource for the eager minds from all walks of life. To add further to the goal of the newsletter, if you refer to the panel on the right, you will see the following:

Your everyday dose of Economic thought conditioning that emphasizes accessibility, honesty and accountability. Economics @ Home seeks to address our everyday problems with brutal honesty that is aligned with a sense of humility with aspirations of achieving the greater good.

It may first appear to be fancy and extravagant, but I have revised the wording several times to make the vision as concise and accurate as possible. Economics @ Home is an avenue for thought conditioning, which means that it provides, sometimes unique view on issues to provoke thoughts and emotions that encourage us to see the bigger picture as well as think outside the box.

Furthermore, as you can see, Economics @ Home is meant to be accessible to any person who has sufficiently competent literacy. The views expressed here honest opinions, albeit sometimes controversial, but with no hidden agenda and I am willing to be held accountable for all the opinions expressed here.

But what is Economics @ Home about? All this talk about the greater good, but what does it really do? Well, as a human being, I can certainly say that I face myriads of problems every single day of my life. Some of these problems are more difficult to tackle than others. I also believe that some of the problems that I face happen to be very much in common with the problems that are faced by many other people.

So, armed with an economist's analytical mind, I hope to address these issues with logic, reason, and perhaps with some evidence in hopes of making other people's lives just a little bit better, even if it is through humor, rather than actual solutions. That said, with all the huff and puff about making the world a better place, I strive to maintain whatever ounce of humility I can muster so as to not suffer from any delusions of grandiose (pronounced gran-dua for those who seek to accumulate style points when speaking, or to impress your lady friends by sounding slightly more romantic by busting out a funky French word or two).

In closing, we have covered all the fuss about Economics @ Home and hopefully I have sufficiently enticed you to regularly revisit this site. If you are not yet convinced, don't worry, as there will be more sneak previews on the better things that will come in Volume 2 of Economics @ Home.

It will be an honor if you could share your ideas with me. For those of you who are a little bit shy to contribute, may you indulge me by clicking on the advertisement on the far right to keep this project sufficiently funded. You may say that so far, other than employing the abilities of the author, everything else is "free". In some ways that is true. Discounting the internet fees that I currently subsidize, there are many other projects that are simultaneously ongoing with the publishing of this newsletter which I will continue to elaborate on in the Part 3 of this series of my Methods of Madness.

Nonetheless, it is not the monetary issues that matter but every click will be a morale booster for me to keep churning out what I hope to be significantly novel ideas to discuss in future issues.

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