Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The LEGO Story

Those of you who know me from my childhood may know that I had an obsession about LEGO when I was a kid. It was pretty much the only toys that mattered to me. I actually slept with some of the things that I built. This is probably true for some of you as well. I still have my huge box of LEGO set at home and every once in a while, when kids come to visit at my place, we still take it out for them to play.

I still think it is one of the better educational toys in existence today. I don't need to tell you that with LEGO, your imagination is the only limit. Well, of course, if you have a big enough set. Even if you didn't, it just meant that you had to stretch your imagination a little bit further.

In any case, below is the story about how LEGO started in commemoration of its 80th anniversary this year. Truly an inspiration to those of us who are starting businesses. In face of setbacks and desperation, the only solution possible is to never give up.