Monday, March 26, 2012

Volume 4 Issue 10: Intelligent Investing

Spanish La Liga 2011/12 Craziness

Just to prove that life is not just about the grind, I do keep up with football news, especially about the La Liga. Every one knows that the La Liga has been a two horse race since as far as most of us can remember. But just some quick insane trivia. Just look at the GD column. For the uninitiated, it stands for Goal Difference, which is the difference between goals scored and the goals conceded.

The goal difference of 69 by Real Madrid or 62 by Barcelona may mean nothing to you but if you compare it relatively, the next closest competitor has a goal difference of 9. This means that Real and Barca are able to win by a goal margin of about seven times more than their closest opponents.

On average, Real wins by a goal margin of 2.4 goals per game, while Barca wins by an average goal margin of 2.1 goals per game.

It is not shown in the table, but in the 29 games played, Real has scored 95 goals this season, which is an average of 3.3 goals per game. Barca has scored 84 goals, which is an average of 2.9 goals per game.

Delving deeper, at this stage, Cristina Ronaldo (aka diver, pussy, etc) has scored 35 of her team's 95 goals, which translates to 36.8% of Real's goals. Lionel Messi has also scored 35 goals, which translates to 41.7% of Barca's goals.

And also, just a tribute to Messi, I'd like to congratulate him for becoming the highest all-time scorer for Barcelona, and here are 234 of his goals in 12 minutes.

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