Sunday, January 08, 2012

Volume 4 Issue 1: Intelligent Investing

The Only Thing Constant Is Change

In the past year, the Main Streeter has consistently published two issues per week for 52 weeks and I'd just like to say that it has been a huge struggle and am glad that I have pulled this off. In an evolving world, the publication must evolve with it, along with its writers. Some time in June 2011, I picked up the pace of my reading as well as the breadth of it. I read a lot more articles, which meant that I was able to share a lot more - see Chart 1. The average number of articles posted almost doubled after June. From just 26 articles published in 2010, the number of posts surged to 232 in 2011. That is a 9-fold increase!

Because of that, the format in Volume 3 of the Main Streeter is no longer practical. So the format has to be changed again in Volume 4. The number of weekly articles will be reduced back to one. Two-Cent Economics will no longer feature as a section on its own. The reason is that, since most of the articles that I share are economics-related, it doesn't make sense to have Two-Cent Economics as just a weekly publication.

In view of all the sharing of articles that I find interesting, and my own comments and thoughts as and when I see fit, the quantity of articles have surged 9-fold in the past year. While this is an achievement in its own right, it is a little bit more than that. The increase in the number of posts has also inculcated a deeper sense of commitment and discipline to maintaining this newsletter. But maintaining a self-respecting publication is more than just quantity and interesting articles. So this year, my focus will be on the quality of articles. While this may or may not hurt the quantity of the articles shared, I think it is the next logical move to improve this publication. I will channel more effort into contributing articles with original thought and analysis. This way, hopefully I will be able to provide more value-add to the Main Streeter and more importantly, to the readers.

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