Monday, August 22, 2011

A Bridge to Somewhere (but in the wrong place)

Read here.

This is a classic case of Malaysia Boleh. Except it is not in Malaysia. The article shows that not only is it more expensive to build a longer bridge (The Tappan Zee Bridge is built across one of the widest points of the Hudson River), it is even more expensive to maintain it. The structure is deteriorating fast as it is carrying more traffic than it was designed to hold. If the bridge had been shorter, the maintenance would not have been so high. This is the kind of lack of long-term planning that Malaysia so glaringly lacks. We just build and build without proper planning and then realize (much too late) that we should have done it in other ways. We can see this in the hundreds of highways around Klang Valley. We have the NPE, NKVE, Sprint, Elite, Guthrie, Maju, LDP, Penchala Link, Seremban Highway, etc. I can't even name them all.

With so many unplanned highways, is it a wonder if we see so many potholes around Klang Valley?

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