Sunday, July 18, 2010

Economics @ Home © Volume 2 Issue 15

This week, there is a double issue because I had skipped a week without posting Economics @ Home and being the man of integrity that I am, I have chosen to redeem myself by repaying your loyalty with the number of issues that you deserve. 

Football Genius

If there was a God of football, this is it. Although I took this video off someone else, I am sure he wouldn't mind simply because he created it to share to begin with. In fact, in all likelihood, this video was created to exhibit the prowess and masterclass that Lionel Messi is. By sharing this, I am merely reinforcing the creator's objective. While you may think that these are not exactly 30 of the greatest goals you have ever seen, they most certainly are worthy contenders. People who know me know that I am not a fan of long shots. Messi is the reminder to us all that we don't need to drive the ball into the net from over 20 yards out to score a goal. The delicateness and deftness of Messi's touch is like the sweet melody from the flapping of an angel's wings. In fact, he is so good, this is how tight they have to mark him.

On a lighter note, the tale below is probably based on a true story. Enjoy the goals and the story.

Messi, Kaka and the pope are at a lake to find out who can walk on water. Messi runs on the water, across the lake to the other side and runs right back. Then, during Kaka's turn, he did the same thing. Now the pope, he takes two steps on the water and falls. Kaka looks at Messi and says, "That's harsh, didn't you tell him about the stepping stones?" and Messi repliess, "What stepping stones?"

Probably a true story...

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